Performers: Alexander Albrecht and Alexander Moitzi
Concept + Realization: Magdalena Schnitzler



"The Mystery of Irma Vep" is a sharp satire, dark horror drama and a parody of Hitchcock classics in the tradition of Monty Python and Absolutely Fabulous.

From the English estate Mandacrest to the blazing sands of far-off Egypt, this definitive spoof of gothic melodramas is a quick change marathon that has everything: laughs, scares, satire, a vampire, a sympathetic werewolf, and an Egyptian princess who may be brought back from the dead.
Mysterious widowed Lord Edgar marries the former actress Lady Enid, who sleeps all day. The grumpy old Lady Jane, the housekeeper is not amused. Mysterious Nicodemus Underwood is in love with everyone and has a dark history. And who's Irma Vep?

Rapid scene changes ensure a breathless pace of play: Slap-Stick elements alternate with pathetic monologues and Screwball Comedy dialogues.
The team around director Magdalena Schnitzler works ingeniously with viewing habits, irony and immersive audience interactions.
Irma Vep is simply camp!


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